Friday, April 23, 2010

veg heads

What: Vegetarian
Where: The Naam Restaurant
When: Dinner
Why: Trying to be healthy
Verdict: Eating a strawberry cheesecake cupcake pretty much cancelled out any nutritional benefits we might have received from eating a vegetarian, organic meal.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What: Mexican
Where: Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant
When: Dinner
Why: Continuing our quest to find the best Mexican comfort food in the city
Verdict: Great sangria.

My dinner buddy had the Chiles Rellenos (fire roasted chiles stuffed with monterey, cheddar and edam cheese, dipped in egg batter, sauteed and covered with salsa ranchera and feta cheese) served with Mexican rice and re-fried beans.
 I ordered the special of the day and unfortunately I can't remember what it was called. It's basically baked cheese and chopped chorizo sausages served with three steamed tortillas and salsa. 
There seemed to be waaay more cheese than cherizos in my dish, but it was still tasty. And really spicy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

hits the spot

What: Heading out to see a movie
Where: White Spot
When: Dinner
Why: Nobody likes to hear your stomach grumble in the middle of a movie. Especially not during a suspense-filled climax.
Verdict: The Spot Salad was surprisingly filling and the salmon burger looks delish. Might order that next time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i'll be standing under the chicken

What: Dinner
Where: Earl's
When: Around Easter, hence the chicken balloon. It looked like a large umbrella with its nest of Easter eggs.
Why: Friend's birthday
Verdict: The birthday girl was very happy and that's what matters most. Not to mention, the birthday cake was absolutely stunning!

Started off the night with a Viva Diva (Smirnoff vodka, mango passion liqueur, peach liqueur, pineapple juice, orange juice, bellini slush) and ordered the West Coast Prawn Salad (chopped avocado, fresh strawberries, feta, quinoa, candied pecans, julienne carrots, organic greens and baby spinach, citrus honey vinaigrette, warm sauteed prawns).

Further into the meal, I moved onto another martini ($1 off on the weekends!), and had the Doctor's Orders (blueberry smirnoff vodka, acai mangosteen juice and agave nectar, fresh squeezed lime juice). Had a few bites of the birthday girl's Mediterranean Linguini (grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, marinated roasted red peppers, parmesan cheese, light olive oil tomato sauce, feta). She wasn't impressed by the pasta and ordered another dish, so I picked away at it. Also had a few sips of White Peach Bellini (appleton estate vx rum, natural peach syrup, peach liqueur and sparkling white wine), which was like sipping on sour peach candies. I think this might become one of my favourite drinks for the summer, when the sun finally gets here!
Her boyfriend totally splurged on the birthday cake! It's like a piece of artwork!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

arabian nights

The only thing missing is the hot male attendants fanning you with large palm leaves and being hand-fed sweet grapes.
What: Exploring Asia through cuisine
Where: Sanafir
When: Dinner
Why: Early birthday surprise
Verdict: Super tasty and filling, but unfortunately there's not a lot of options for vegetarians. For dessert, we had bubble tea (I had passionfruit with mango stars) and chicken kaarage (the boys were still hungry).

The feature drink of the night was a Mango Crantango.
Naan bread and hummus and a side of spicy long beans.
Garden fresh fattoush salad with large crispy croutons.
The share platter for two: Korean baby back ribs, zatar grilled chicken kabobs, spicy salt and pepper calamari, vegetable pakoras, kanafa wrapped tiger prawns, goat cheese stuffed kibbeh served witha  side of house fried rice.
I ordered the milk braised leg of lamb served with basmati rice and grilled papadum.