Friday, November 20, 2009

mamma mia!

What: Anton's
Catching up with a high school friend.
If you have a pasta craving, I can assure you that after you have a meal at Anton's, you will not want to have pasta for a long time. The portion sizes are huge (enough leftovers to last a few days). It looks like I barely made a dent in my dish, that's how much pasta they serve you.

After more than a few minutes perusing the lunch menu (they have a wide selection, including panini sandwiches, soups and meal-sized salads), I finally ordered the Penne Chorizo Salsiccia E Funghi (chorizo sausage & mushrooms in a spicy lemon sauce) and my friend had the Linguine Alla Vongole (clams in a creamy tomato sauce). I bravely tried to finish my meal, but I had to wave my little white flag halfway through 'cause that was a LOT of pasta. You can probably feed a family of five with only two dishes and still be satisfied after the meal.

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