Thursday, December 17, 2009

being social

Look up. Waaay up.

What: Society
Where: Yaletown
When: On a dark and rainy day, like any other day in this city.
Why: Early Christmas dinner with a friend.
Verdict: Comfort food with a twist. And I love the twist.

This drink is the Candy Collins! It's gin and lemon on the rocks with a stick of pink cotton candy on top. I picked away at the top for a while, before I dunked the whole thing into my drink, once the novelty factor wore off. It's delicious, but messy too.

 Mac and cheese balls with white cheddar and jalapeno served with a side of ketchup. So swanky!

Shar ordered the Italian pizza, which is loaded with chorizo, salami, pepperoni, banana peppers and ricotta cheese. You can't really go wrong with pizza!

Classic tuna nicoise. I had no idea what I was ordering, but I knew there would be tuna, which I like. And I really, really like this dish because it's light, just in case you've filled up on too many mac and cheese balls.

 I ordered the Malibu milkshake (Malibu, pineapple and coconut) to go with my tuna nicoise. Delicious. It's like a pina colada but in milkshake form.

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