Saturday, December 12, 2009

visiting Malaysia

through food!

 Rice noodles, shrimp, tender chicken and spinach smothered in egg sauce. Very good and a deceptively large portion. You can feed 4 people with this dish easily.

What: Tropika
Where: smack in the middle of downtown
When: Lunch
Why: 'Cause I don't know very many restaurants downtown, except for the usual Cactus Club and Milestones. And I wanted something other than Cactus Club and Milestones.
Verdict: Good stuff and very filling. I don't remember the exact names for the dishes we ordered, and they don't list all the dishes on their website, so I'm just going by description here. Enjoy the pictures!

  I had Stir fried Shanghai noodles with pork, shrimp and squid and vegetables in light soya sauce. This was a smaller dish than the above rice noodles, but also very filling. 

Side note: I found a lot of dishes on the menu are very similar to dishes that you would find at Hon's or any Chinese seafood restaurants. I guess when it comes down right to it, Asian dishes are very similar overall.

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