Thursday, August 27, 2009

day 2: skookumchuk, egmont

Breakfast at The Green Rosette Bakery by Skookumchuck Rapids Provincial Park in Sechelt:

Andrea had the cinnamon bun... with raisins!!! I do not like raisins.

Blueberry and lemon muffin. Yum. You can see the lemon zest in the muffin.

Meet up with a friend of Andrea's who introduced us to LaVerne's Grill in Pender Harbour (good fish and chips, despite the long wait and the overly dramatic cook) for lunch. After lunch, I took a nap (rooster started crowing at 5:30AM and would not stop til 10AM), before we drove out to Egmont for dinner.

Andrea's beef dip sandwich that looked like a roast beef sandwich.

Seafood melt for dinner at Back Eddy's Marina and Pub in Egmont. It came with a generous side of green salad.

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