Sunday, August 30, 2009

line-up ettiquette

I had received free admission via email (thanks Heather!) for the Portabella West market today, since it was their 3rd anniversary (happy anniversary!). So, I dragged my sister down and we ended up buying a few things (me: a blazer, her: cute handmade thank-you card). While waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the skytrain station, I decided to grab something to eat. There was a gourmet hot dog stand where the buckwheat crepes stand use to be (I guess the crepes guy had a day off) and so I stood in line behind a chatty group of friends.

Waiting in line happens to everyone some point in their life, so I usually take this time to people watch. Well, I happened to notice this one chick (aka "Stumpy") who was standing behind me, trying to make her way in front of me. I know this, because a) she was slowly edging herself over to the point where she was now standing beside me, and b) she kept glancing at me, wondering if I would notice (I was wearing my dark sunglasses so she couldn't see my facial expression). When the chatty group of friends moved up in the line, I made sure to plant myself firmly behind the tall Australian (at least that's what I got from her accent), to make sure there was no way Stumpy was going to budge in front of me.

When it came time for me to order, I had to wait for the cashier to restock the register as the tall Aussie girl gave her a $50 dollar bill for a $5 hot dog. Not a problem. No sweat. But when she asked me what I wanted, Stumpy decides to throw in her order as well, while I'm still ordering my friggin' hot dog. So, the cashier was getting all confused, so I had to repeat my order two times and then ask her how much it was, or else I would have walked away with a free hot dog. Ms. Stumpy needs to step off and learn proper line-up etiquette, or someone may accidentally squirt hot mustard in your eyes and smear ketchup all over your white clean shirt. The good thing about this whole situation was that the cashier was so flustered, that she forgot to charge me tax.

Lesson of the Day: when you're standing in line, wait your turn. Or you might have condiments thrown in your direction. And a very expensive dry cleaning bill to pay.

PS: I forgot to take a picture of my turkey smokey. I was so annoyed at Stumpy that I devoured my smokey before realizing that a photo was required. As punishment, I'm going to get a turkey Japadog and consume it while I ponder my actions. I know, I am a horrible, horrible person.

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