Friday, August 28, 2009

day 3: gibsons

Packed up our gear, loaded up the car, and headed to Gibson's to look for the Beachcombers hang out. Wandered around the harbour (Grandma's Pub?!), bought some candy, and stopped in at Molly's Reach for some breakfast:

Nothing like a filling breakfast to start off the day. Yum.

Scrambled eggs with plenty of black pepper and a light sprinkle of salt.

Hashbrowns, or "potato pancakes" as they're called in Molly's Reach.

Raspberry jam smeared on toasted sourdough and grilled ham.

For dessert, I had the homemade ice-cream sandwich...

And Andrea had the last slice of coconut cream pie.

Back on the ferry, and of course I had to abuse the soft-serve ice-cream. Gobbles was pecking at it when I wasn't looking. Bad turkey.

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