Monday, October 12, 2009

boston tea party, part 2

What: Tea
Where: On the Louis Hellenic cruise ship, the Aquamarine, our home away from home
When: On our first official day of vacation
Why: Because lunch was a long time ago.
Verdict: It was an unimpressive selection of finger foods: dry sandwiches, pastries, scones, mixed fruit and your choice of tea or coffee. Maybe if the American patriots had a lovely arrangement of pastries and sandwiches to choose from, the tea could have been saved and the Boston Tea Party would have been bypassed entirely. Or at least they would have been distracted long enough for the British East India Company to hide the 300+ chests of tea. I did contemplate taking the food up to the deck and chucking it at seagulls, since they'll eat anything that even resembles food, but I wisely decided against it.

The peanut butter and jam sandwiches were super dry. Like they been left in the oven overnight so all the moisture that was in the bread pretty much evaporated into the air.
The muffin... I could have done without. 
Grilled eggplant with cream cheese with half a cherry tomato stabbed into its heart.  
 You can never go wrong with fruit. It was the safest option on this whole entire trip.

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