Monday, October 12, 2009

island fare

What: Dinner
Where: Taverna Nikos, Mykonos
When: On our first official day of vacation
Why: Doing a walking tour around the island of Mykonos worked up a good appetite
Verdict: Eating local is damn good fine dining. We started off with Saganaki which is fried salty kefalotyri or kasseri cheese. Really salty cheese. Like, drink a whole pitcher of water, that's how salty the appetizer was. Our next dish was fried zucchini with roasted garlic puree. Very yummy! And, if you cut up the cheese and ate it with the zucchini, it made the cheese more easier to swallow. Finally, the last plate to arrive at our table was yemistes (stuffed tomatoes). By then, we were fairly full, but we still managed to gulp down a few bites of tomatoes. I didn't really like the rice, it tasted a little too much like cardboard. But the tomato was juicy and sweet.


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