Sunday, October 11, 2009

it's not all about the fish and chips

What: Sandwiches from EAT cafe and sandwich bar in Topshop.
Where: London, England
When: The first day of our vacation
Why: We had a 7-hours layover in London, so after storing our luggage away at Heathrow, we hopped onto the tube and did some shopping along Regent Street where all the cool shops are (including Topshop!). After 9 hours of being on the place, we were starving. And the plane food was not good.
Verdict: Last time I was in London (which was about two and a half years ago), I don't remember there being an EAT cafe and sandwich bar on the lower floor (where the shoe boutique is!). My partner in crime had the egg salad sandwich and I had the chicken, basil and avocado sandwich with sea salt potato chips from Salty Dog and a hot cup of mocha. The sandwich needed more seasoning, the chips were great and the mocha was strong.

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