Wednesday, October 14, 2009

this coffee isn't for the weak

 My tiramisu coffee caldo. 
See below for description:

What: Afternoon treat and to give our poor feet a break from all the walking we did in Rhodes (8 hours straight!)
Where: At this little coffee shop where they also had a great selection of sandwiches.
When: After we visited the Knights Palace which pretty much takes up half the island... and then some.
Why: To rest our busted feet
Verdict: The Greeks like their coffee strong. Like, bodybuilder strong. I dumped 3 bags of sugar, and stirred in all that whipped cream into the coffee and it was still strong enough to get up and beat the crap out of something.

 Hiding behind my drink is a vanilla and chocolate parfait with one scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream, one scoop of chocolate ice-cream, topped off with dollops of whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and garnished with a sprinkling of chocolate chips.

A close-up of all that chocolatey ice-creamy goodness.

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