Friday, February 12, 2010

burgers can be healthy

What: Trying to eat healthy... by ignoring the fact that whatever nutritional value that could have been derived from the potatoes and onions on my plate have been washed away by the oils used to fry them to death.
Where: The Frog (I refuse to call it by it's real name, "The Firkin," cause it sounds offensive whenever I hear/say it out loud. It's just wrong).
When: Lunch
Why: Old co-worker came downtown to bug, visit me.
Verdict: Damn good veggie burger. The patty wasn't mushy or falling apart after the first bite. It didn't taste like cardboard and the texture was kinda "meaty" in a way. Strange I know, but if for whatever reason, I develop a  medical condition that permits me from eating meat for fear of a slow and painful death, I will still be content. Or at least until they find a cure.

I wish there was more onion rings. They're so good!
Sauteed mushrooms were a nice flavourful  touch.

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