Thursday, February 18, 2010

olympic treats

What: Checking out the Olympic activity
Where: Beard Papa's and Kolachy
When: After work
Why: Because taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience really stirs up an appetite of Olympic proportions.
Verdict: There's lots of grab-and-go places downtown that I have yet to explore. Beard Papa's is like the king of cream puffs. Their puffs are huge and I love the cream filling machine they use. Kolachy is a place that my friend introduced to me, and they make these little whole wheat artisan buns that are jam-packed with filling. Great place if you just want a hot snack. They also serve salads, soup and chili.

Beard Papa's has finally opened a store downtown. Right next to it is the future home of Japadog. Awesomeness.
Ordered half a dozen cream puffs to bring home with me: 3 green tea and 3 chocolate.
Mushroom pesto kolachy: mushroom, no nut pesto, cream cheese, mozza cheese, onions and garlic.
Look at how much filling they pack into the bun! Definitely coming back to try more fillings.

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