Sunday, February 7, 2010

carb overload never felt so good

What: A craving to visit Rome, Italy. This was the most affordable choice... for now.
Where: The Italian Kitchen
When: Lunch
Why: My dining buddy had a pasta craving and we had a coupon, so off we went!
Verdict: Large helping of pasta goes a long way. Pants were feeling a little tight, but still had some room in my lower left rib-cage for dessert. And it was damn good dessert. I would come back and just order dessert, that's how good it was.

A VIP teaser: deep fried fritters sprinkled with icing sugar. We had a coupon, so why not? Too bad there was only two small fritters, they were pretty good.
My dining buddy ordered the Linguine Carbonara: pancetta, with a heavy dose of scallions, free range egg (I have no idea where the egg was... in the sauce?) and topped with parmesan.
I had the Penne Arrabbiata: crispy pancetta, peperoncino, basil, tomatoes and burrata cheese. It had a little kick to it, which I liked, but damn, was it ever filling.
The piece de resistance, the Torta Di Ciccolato: flourless chocolate cake, in a pool of carmello sauce, topped with espresso gelato and sprinkled with pecan crocante and berries. You can still see steam floating from the cake as you sliced through it with your fork and it just melted in your mouth. SO GOOD!

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