Sunday, February 28, 2010

olympic fever

What: Headed downtown to take pictures of the Olympic festivities.
Where: Tropika
When: Around lunch-time
Why: Was frozen solid, so needed something to warm my innards.
Verdict: I didn't realize how spicy the beef broth was going to be, but it was still delicious! Good for warming up after standing in line in the freezing cold to take pictures of the Olympic flame.

 Hainanese chicken rice with ginger and chili sauce.
My Singaporen beef noodle soup. The broth is thick, almost the same consistency as a sauce but more runny and just a tad spicy. Served with several slices of tender beef and bean sprouts.
Noodles to joyfully slurp.
I chose rambutan with vanilla ice-cream for dessert. It's very similar to lychee in taste, but smaller in size and the texture is slightly more "crunchy" in a way.

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