Friday, February 5, 2010

guud for you

I'd like to come for dinner at 0:00 or 0:30 sometime...

What: Japanese izakaya
Where: Guu
When: Dinner
Why: My friend has never been to Guu, which I find a little shocking since she lives so much closer to the downtown location than I do.
Verdict: Guu is so guud. 

My friend had the sake cocktail with soda and I ordered the Cherry Blossom, strawberry, peach schapps and soda (below).
Started our meal with a small appy: Deep fried sweet potato with honey sauce.
Puffed eggs with shrimp in chili sauce.
Pan-fried udon noodles with sliced beef, green onions and mushrooms.
For dessert, we had deep fried brie with mango sauce. So good!
  Frozen grapes accompany our bill.

Snapped as we were doing some window-shopping along Robson: 

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