Friday, September 25, 2009

food on a stick is always good

What: Early dinner, dinner, late dinner, dessert and drinks
Where: Richmond Night Market
When: After work on Friday
Why: Sample street vendor food before the festival closes down for the Fall
Verdict: Sticky fingers and messy eating is what street food is all about and what better place to sample different kinds of food but at the Richmond Night Market? Me and my coworkers headed out early to the night market (after a pit stop at Aberdeen Centre for some shopping at Daiso and a quick bite to eat at Beard Papa's), so it wasn't too crowded when we got there. There were street performers, balloons and a children's play area that was sectioned off in the back as well as a live band (suffering from the occasional technical difficulties, poor sound quality and maybe a lack of talent). Of course, our first stop was the food court where we wandered around and looked at the food on display. The majority of the food we ate was on a stick, for convenience's sake, and it was damn good eating. Octopus balls, dim sum, sticky rice, chow mein and bubble tea where some of the usual fares, accompanied by some new food options: black sesame creme brulee, grilled octopus, hurricane fries and fried ice-cream (!).

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